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Here at real Music Promotions Ltd T/a hi-Tek Entertainment and Night Fall Events find it most important that we create the correct image when working for our clients, we ask that you attend the functions with grade A equipment, this would most likely include:

* four to five minimum lighting effects

* Professional table cloth or DJ booth (proffered)

* MP3 music collection played through either a laptop, console or decks.

* Good quality mixing desk and good mics which guests can use.

* Great sound system suitable for over 100 guests in a medium to large environment

* At weddings we must wear black trousers, shirt and jacket or wait coat. A tie is optional. Night Fall events prefer the entertainer/artists wear a company shirt when visiting hotels for wedding functions and these can be ordered free of charge by speaking to Music Promotions Ltd T/a hi-Tek Entertainment and Night Fall. For all none wedding functions we can also supply a company polo shirt again free of charge.

Please provide pictures of a full set up when possible for our records.

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